So, You Want to Be Canadian

So, You Want to Be Canadian

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So, You Want to Be Canadian

By Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen, authors of the U.S. of Eh?

Weren't lucky enough to be born a Canadian but always wanted to be one? Or do you just want to know more about the land of beer and beavers and Mounties and moose? This playfully illustrated and cheeky celebration of Canada and all things Canadian is just the thing you've been waiting for. Uncover the mysteries of "eh," why so many famous comedians hail from Canada, and which surprising films were actually shot here. Learn the differences between the two Canadian Snowbirds, marvel at the dreamy list of famous Canadian hotties and tap your toes to the all-time Canadian top 40 smash-hit songs. Packed with trivia, this handy and accessible guide reveals a multitude of fascinating facts about what makes us the most glorious of nations. Featuring amazing Canadian inventions, great moments in Canadian history, a handy Canadian-American translator, and pointers on how to eat, dress and apologize like a Canadian, So, You Want to Be Canadian will get you all the ins and outs of being a Canadian-even if you aren't.

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