U.S. of Eh?

U.S. of Eh?

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The U.S. of Eh? How Canada Secretly Controls the united States (and Why That's OK)

Book by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen, authors of "So, you Want to Be Canadian".

Canadians are peaceable, friendly, unassuming, and adorable. They're also secretly in control of nearly every aspect of life in the Southernmost Canadian territory known as the United States.

This mind-blowing compendium of real facts and wild assertions reveals a vast, maple-leaf conspiracy in which Canada plays up it's self-effacing, second-fiddle image to the U.S. while subversively creating and controlling nearly everything Americans hold dear, from Superman to basketball to WilliamShatner to macaroni and cheese.

But that's okay, eh? With everyday life in the U.S. already as much as 70% Canadian, and American music, movies, and TV shows filled with enlightened pro-Canadian messages, it's best to just sit back, pop open a Molson's, and toast the Canadian motherland. Thanks, Canada!

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